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Harbor Studios is a luxury, world-class recording studio for the most discerning of creatives. We are committed to excellence in service, audio and experience. Our space has been the creative cradle for some of the industry’s finest musicians, composers, and creators over the past 20 years, and after functioning as a home studio for that time, Malibu’s finest musical environment is now available to a select few. At Harbor Studios, your every need will be tended to with concierge service and top-of-the-line gear —  a truly one-of-a kind experience .

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Nestled along the Malibu coast, we have the ultimate location to dig in, let go and create. Our space exudes the allure and beauty of a bygone Hollywood era while offering every modern comfort. A short 15 minute drive from Downtown Santa Monica, Harbor Studios exists on the fine line between escaping into natures curiosities and being within distance of anything you might need. We are nearby to some of California’s most impeccable hiking trails and stunning beaches, and holistic spa treatments are available on demand — We’ve got a bit of something for everyone. Harbor Studios is a division of Harbor Music, Inc. At Harbor Music, creativity is paramount and community runs the show. We believe art is born in attention, success is the ability to persist, and nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. This is Harbor Music. 


A studio like no other. After functioning as a home studio for over 20 years, Malibu’s finest creative environment is now available to a select few. Harbor Studios has been the creative cradle for some of the industry’s finest musicians, composers, and creators. Originally engineered to include three separate acoustic spaces within the same room, the bamboo wood-infused studio utilizes three different ceiling heights and various contrasting materials designed specifically for composing, tracking, and mixing within a shared studio environment, all while providing inspiring panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Our studio is heart first, but driven by cutting edge technology. Our critically-acclaimed ZR Quantum Acoustic Technology is one-of-kind. Pioneered by the world-renown acoustician and founder of Delta H Design (Hanson Hsu), these fabled ZR systems have been utilized and celebrated by the likes of the most elite of audio. Known for creating immaculate sonic detail and accuracy, the beautiful acoustic architecture of our space envelopes a custom-designed blonde-maple workstation designed and hand-built by the legendary Robert Beijer.


MacPro 3.2GHz 16-core processor with 4.4GHz boost, 96GB DDR4 ECC memory, Radeon Pro 580X with 8GB of GDDR5 memory


Adam S5H with towersonic adjustable-height base, Adam T7V’s 


Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1x12, Mesa Boogie California Tweed 1x12


ShureSM7B, Shure 57, Neumann TLM102, Neumann U87, AKG 414 xlii


Furman Power Conditioner, BAE 1073 MP. Apollo x8p, SPL Monitor Controller

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Named after our studio dog, Cooper, Cooper Lawn is the sprawling enviro you’ve been looking for. The lawn is composed of grass and stone which makes it the perfect forum for live events, acoustic sessions and other gathering or filming needs. Our lawn looks out on the Pacific Ocean, and has the most reverent sunset views on the property. 

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Slated as the premier Malibu location for intimate indoor/outdoor concerts, conferences and events, Harbor Hall is the space you’ve been missing. Like… if a yoga room and an idyllic ocean terrace had a baby — it would be Harbor Hall. Its relaxed vibes and open air concept make it a truly special environment to host in. There is an exceptionally present creative energy in Harbor Hall that lends itself well to writing sessions and imaginative conversations alike. An unorthodox spot burrowed in nature and comfort, this space offers a restorative experience by the sea.

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